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If you love to watch the feathered antics and flighty shenanigans outside your windows, The Backyard Bird Lover’s Field Guide is the guide you’ve always wanted!

With The Backyard Bird Lover’s Field Guide you get the fastest, simplest method ever devised for instant identification of your backyard birds – plus, hundreds of useful tips for attracting and nurturing the birds you love. You have to try it to believe how fast and easy it is! See for yourself!

• Have birds literally eat out of your hands with this nutty technique!
• Learn how to protect your birds from winter wind and snow!
• Get free online plans for homemade birdhouses!
• Delight kids with the bird that unties knots!
…and much more!


• Shows up in his TUXEDO, like a Vegas “player”?
• Assumes a clever DISGUISE in winter?
• Can predict the weather?

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